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Wolf Captured

Wolf Captured

Wolf (Volume 4)

Jane Lindskold

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Jane Lindskold's Through Wolf's Eyes; Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart; and The Dragon of Despair told the story of Firekeeper, the young girl raised by sentient, language-using wolves who is then plunged back into human society, where her training as a pack animal stands her in good stead amidst political and dynastic intrigues. Now, in Wolf Captured, the focus returns to Firekeeper and her wolf companion Blind Seer, as they find themselves kidnapped and dragged overseas, and forced to maneuver for their lives in an unfamiliar and dangerous new society.

The Liglimoshti worship animals and portents, which rule their lives. And the Liglimoshti are aware, as the other countries are not, that Royal animals like Truth and Blind Seer exist, are intelligent, and can speak to each other. They've kidnapped Firekeeper and Blind Seer because they've never before heard of a human who could talk to animals. They want to see what Firekeeper can do. They want her to teach them how to do it.

Firekeeper's more than willing to talk to the animals there. But she fears that Liglim's Royal animals are being held in polite and unobtrusive bondage. She wants to find out the truth -- and, if necessary, free them...

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DERIAN CARTER AWOKE WITH HIS SHIRT front wet with blood and his head pounding. The floor on which he lay was damp and reeked so strongly of piss and vomit that his stomach roiled. The rough board planks...


Praise for Wolf Captured

“Exhilarating!” —Publishers Weekly on Wolf Captured (starred review)

“An utterly fascinating world that readers can thoroughly lose themselves in.” —Romantic Times on Wolf Captured

“What do you get when you mix lost magic and feral children with dynastic politics, wolf social dynamics, treason, and over-ambitious, social-climbing parents? You get Jane Lindskold's new novel Through Wolf's Eyes and another stay-up-to-finish-the-last-page read.” —David Weber

“Her characters live--they're real, but they are different. And the world they live in lingers in the mind; heroic, squalid, exotic, everyday. I was convinced that it went on by itself when I turned the last page. Bravo!” —S. M. Stirling on Through Wolf's Eyes

“This engrossing tale of feral myth and royal intrigue offers plenty of action as well as fascinating anthropological detail ... A beautiful and complex book.” —Publishers Weekly on Through Wolf's Eyes

“Very satisfying... As good as, if not better than, the previous book, unlike so many trilogies where the second book is the weakest of the whole.” —Charles de Lint on Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

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