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Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

A Tale of Animal Magic and Human Ambition

Wolf (Volume 2)

Jane Lindskold

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A tale of humane wolves, beastly men, and a brilliant heroine who must find her way in a dangerous world

Raised by intelligent, language-using wolves, brought back to the human society at the court of Hawk Haven, young Firekeeper had to learn to cope with human society and its complexities . . . and discovered that, for someone raised in a wolf pack, the politics of a royal court were neither complex nor wholly unfamiliar.

But the happy ending of Through Wolf's Eyes has proved to have consequences. Hawk Haven and Bright Bay are unifying, but the power balance of the neighboring lands is threatened by this prospect. New intrigues abound. The rulers of Bright Bay, it transpires, have been hoarding a collection of forbidden magical artifacts . . . which Queen Gustin took with her when she abdicated, intending to use them to restore her power. Melina Shield is still scheming to obtain them, and she's older, smarter, and more devious than the Queen. And the even-more-devious civil service of neighboring New Kelvin would like to get their hands on that magic as well . . . .

Which will make life very hard for Firekeeper. Because the powers of the world have decided who'll be required to obtain those much-contended-for magical articles. It'll be her.

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LYING ON HIS BACK in the darkness of his bedchamber, King Allister of the Pledge listened to his wife's soft breathing.
Pearl was pretending to be asleep, even as he was. Twenty-two years of marriage made fairly certain that neither...


Praise for Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

“Lindskold uses her knowledge of wolf pack behavior to good advantage, both in the actions of the wolf Blind Seer and in the engaging character of Firekeeper.” —Publishers Weekly

“Rich details and intriguing characters.” —Library Journal

“Lindskold provides us a second marvelous opportunity to see the pecularities of human society through the eyes of intelligent beasts. Her wild and wonderful magic thrives in this volume.” —Booklist

“This engrossing tale of feral myth and royal intrigue offers plenty of action as well as fascinating anthropological detail . . . . A beautiful and complex book.” —Publishers Weekly on Through Wolf's Eyes

“What do you get when you mix lost magic and feral children with dynastic politics, wolf social dynamics, treason, and overambitious, social-climbing parents? You get Jane Lindskold's new novel Through Wolf's Eyes and another stay-up-to-finish-the-last-page read.” —David Weber on Through Wolf's Eyes

“I adore Jane Lindskold's writing, and Through Wolf's Eyes is her best book yet. Courtly intrigues that would make Dorothy Dunnett proud shouldn't mix so well with the story of a feral child, but they do, they do. Lindskold's novels are a rarity for me--fat, engrossing novels that still don't seem long enough.” —Charles de Lint on Through Wolf's Eyes

Through Wolf's Eyes combines the mythic resonances of a feral child raised by wolves with a fascinating fantasy of a freshness and originality that makes all the legion of mock-medieval clones look pale and faded. Her characters live--they're real, but they are different. And the world they live in lingers in the mind; heroic, squalid, and exotic everyday I was convinced that it went on by itself when I turned the last page. Bravo!” —S. M. Stirling on Through Wolf's Eyes

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About the author

Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is the author of Through Wolf's Eyes and several prior fantasy novels, including Changer and Legends Walking, and (with Roger Zelazny) Lord Demon and Donnerjack.

Jane Lindskold

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