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You Can Heal Yourself

You Can Heal Yourself

A Guide to Physical and Emotional Recovery After Injury or Illness

Julie Silver, MD

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How to heal faster, better, and stronger during recovery from a serious illness or injury—a Harvard doctor's complete recovery plan

When people are seriously ill or injured, they receive immediate and often life-sustaining treatment. Then at some point they are usually left to their own devices to "finish" healing. At the time that patients are discharged from treatment or their doctors tell them, "I don't have anything else I can offer you," they are often shifted into a zone where they are better than at their sickest point, but not as healthy as they once were. This zone, between illness and good health, is where rehabilitation specialists focus. Dr. Silver calls this area of medicine, where physiatrists work, The Healing Zone. This is the place where doctors are most concerned with physical and emotional healing after an injury
or illness.

Our bodies are amazing in their capacity to heal, however, people can be taught how to heal faster, better, and stronger, both physically and emotionally. You Can Heal Yourself offers the strategies needed to achieve optimal healing.


YOU CAN HEAL YOURSELF (Chapter 1)Listen to Your Healing Voice
Kathleen sat in the cold metal chair of the hospital waiting room anxiously watching the organized chaos. The room itself was unattractive, with graying tile floors and not enough...


Praise for You Can Heal Yourself

“Talk about the ultimate expert. The author of this guide to healing after injury or illness is a Harvard doctor who specializes in rehabilitative medicine and a cancer survivor… Silver is chatty and upbeat, peppering her text with fun quotes.And she ends the empowering book by repeating a line from Winston Churchill, Never, never, never give up.” —Booklist

“Kathleen sat in a cold metal chair in an ugly and unfriendly waiting room. The news eventually came to her—"you have breast cancer." She then endured the same irony as many women before her. She felt fine but knew there was something terrible going on in her body. After the surgery and chemotherapy, she felt mutilated and not fine. Her oncologist told her to get on with her life. At that time, Kathleen entered "the Healing Zone," a place where many people get stuck and are left on their own to fend for themselves. Kathleen is the middle name of Dr Julie Silver, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. Her own experiences in this book provide an encouraging guide to anyone who has survived a serious illness or injury. The theme of the book is that we human beings are very resilient once we set our minds to something, and that includes healing… Dr Silver’s very readable book includes graphs and charts to help people focus on meeting the goal of the best healing possible. This encouraging book is not about just being sick or injured but about living. I encourage medical writers not only to read the book but to secure a copy for themselves and their friends. The strategies presented here can help all of us reach the best possible health to live life to the fullest.” —ON THE BOOKSHELF, Evelyn B. Kelly, Ph.D.

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About the author

Julie Silver, MD

JULIE SILVER, MD is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is an award-winning author and has edited/written more than 20 books that focus on rehabilitation medicine and physical recovery. Dr. Silver is currently on the medical staffs of several major hospitals in Massachusetts, including Brigham and Womens, Massachusetts General, Spaulding, and UMass Memorial. In addition to her clinical work as a physiatrist, Dr. Silver is the Chief Editor of Books at Harvard Health Publications and a founder of Oncology Rehab Partners.

Julie Silver M.D.

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