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You're Grounded Forever...But First, Let's Go Shopping

You're Grounded Forever...But First, Let's Go Shopping

The Challenges Mothers Face with Their Daughters and Ten Timely Solutions

Susan Shapiro Barash

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Susan Shapiro Barash's provocative new book examines the most difficult challenges any woman faces when raising daughters: Are we spoiling them or being too rigid? Are we trying to be their friend or are we setting ourselves up as adversaries? Are we setting a good example, or are we a cautionary tale? In short, are we creating our own monsters? This book explores:

* "What color would you like that Prada bag in?" (Material indulgence)

* "Do you need to be eating that?" (Fixations on food and weight)

* "Of course you can drink when you're home with me." (Lacking boundaries and rules)

* "Your closest friends are your biggest rivals." (Underestimating female friendships)

* "I'll just say you aren't feeling well." (Making excuses)

* And much more


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Susan Shapiro Barash

Susan Shapiro Barash, is an established writer of nonfiction books on women's issues and teaches gender studies at Marymount Manhattan College. A well-recognized gender expert, Barash is frequently sought out by newspapers, television shows, and radio programs to comment on women's issues, and she blogs for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Susan Shapiro Barash

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