Zero's Familiar Omnibus Vol. 6-7

New omnibus based on the hit anime about a klutzy witch and the teenage boy who serves her

This omnibus edition contains volumes 6-7 of the Zero’s Familiar manga series. Seven Seas is pleased to publish Zero’s Familiar for the first time in North America, and will release the entire series in three omnibus editions.

Saito's been in hot water with Louise before, but things have never looked this bad! Siesta, and the rest of the gang take Saito on a treasure hunt that could fix his romantic problems once and for all, but he finds more than he bargained for--the first real clue that could lead him back to his homeworld.

Meanwhile, the small nation of Tristain is on the brink of war with the Albion Empire whose underhanded tactics threaten to push hostilities over the edge. Can a mage called Zero and her legendary familiar come together to prevent a catastrophe?


Praise for Zero's Familiar Omnibus Vol. 6-7

Praise for the Zero’s Familiar anime:

"Romance that […] features strong, likeable leads, and doesn’t skimp on the little emotional jabs." ANIME NEWS NETWORK

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  • Noboru Yamaguchi is the author of Zero’s Familiar novels and manga and the Strike Witches light novels.

    Nana Mochizuki is best known as the artist of the Zero’s Familiar manga series.



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Zero's Familiar Omnibus Vol. 6-7

Zero's Familiar
  • Trade Paperback