A Night to Remember The Classic Account of the Final Hours of the Titanic

Walter Lord; Introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick

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First published in 1955, A Night to Remember remains a comprehensive and riveting account of the Titanic's fatal collision and the behavior of the passengers and crew, both noble and ignominious. Some sacrificed their lives, while others fought like animals for their own survival. Wives beseeched husbands to join them in lifeboats; gentlemen went taut-lipped to their deaths in full evening dress; and hundreds of steerage passengers, trapped below decks, sought help in vain.

With an introduction for the 50th anniversary edition by Nathaniel Phil-brick, author of In the Heart of the Sea and Sea of Glory, Walter Lord's classic minute-by-minute re-creation of the Titanic's last hours is as vivid now as it was upon first publication. From the initial distress flares to the struggles of those left adrift for hours in freezing waters, this semicentennial edition brings that moonlit night in 1912 to life for a new generation of readers.


Praise for A Night to Remember

"One of the most exciting books of this or any year."—The New York Times

"Devotion, gallantry—Benjamin Guggenheim changing to evening clothes to meet death; Mrs. Isador Straus clinging to her husband, refusing to get in a lifeboat; Arthur Ryerson giving his life belt to his wife's maid—it is a book to remember."—Chicago Tribune

"As seamless and skillful as you're going to get, from the analysis of 1912's upper-class-biased press coverage to the Vietnam Memorialesque passenger list that concludes the book . . . it's clear why this is many a researcher's Titanic bible."—Entertainment Weekly

"A magnificent job of re-creative chronicling, enthralling from the first word to the last."—The Atlantic Monthly

"Lord's classic time-travel tale drawn from survivors' accounts remains the best Titanic story after all these years. The analysis of the event moves from reports of pre-trip hype through the ambiance of the fated last evening to first reports of trouble, loading life boats, and rescue efforts . . . the immediacy engages the reader from the start."—Sandy Glover, West Linn Public Library, Oregon

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  • Walter Lord; Introduction by Nathaniel Philbrick

  • Walter Lord was the author of several bestselling works of history, including Day of Infamy, a re-creation of the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He died in 2002.

    Nathaniel Philbrick is the New York Times bestselling author of Sea of Glory and In the Heart of the Sea, for which he won the National Book Award.