Nancy Drew #10: The Disoriented Express The Disoriented Express

Nancy Drew Graphic Novels: Girl Detective

Stefan Petrucha; Illustrated by Sho Murase





112 Pages



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On its journey to Professor Hinkley's research facility, Nancy Drew must protect an amazing creation that could possibly end the world's energy crisis. Unstable and dangerous, the super fuel-efficient engine must be transported by a private train. But dark forces are at work, attempting to shanghai the miracle machine—literally at every turn by using computers to jam the switches! But while Nancy and her friend George attempt to determine which sinister suspect is behind these despicable acts, they soon realize that if their adversaries can't succeed at stealing this miraculous machine, they'll destroy the train, along with everything, and everyone on it! The Disoriented Express is the second in a series of three Nancy Drew adventures entitled "The High Miles Mystery."

"The High Miles Mystery" series begins with Ghost in the Machinery and concludes in Monkey Wrench Blues, now available from Papercutz.

Papercutz is a graphic novel publisher that is building a following among the next generation of comics fans, giving classic characters a modern makeover. While educators rave about the high quality of the Papercutz writing and artwork, readers 8 and up are simply enjoying the great adventures found in each fun-filled volume. Each Papercutz graphic novel features stories drawn in the style of the popular Japanese comics known as manga.


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  • Stefan Petrucha; Illustrated by Sho Murase

  • Stefan Petrucha has written X-Files comics and for Disney comics. He is the author of a few Young Adult series: "Timetripper" (Razorbill), "Frankenstein" (DK Books), and "Wicked Dead" with Thomas Pendleton (HarperCollins).

  • Stefan Petrucha