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Bernard-Henri Lévy

Bernard-Henri Lévy
Jean Christophe Marmara / Figarophoto

Bernard-Henri Lévy is a philosopher, activist, filmmaker and author of over thirty books including The Genius of Judaism, American Vertigo, Barbarism with a Human Face, and Who Killed Daniel Pearl? His writing has appeared extensively in publications throughout Europe and the United States. His documentaries include Peshmerga, The Battle of Mosul, The Oath of Tobruk and Bosna! Lévy is co-founder of the antiracist group SOS Racisme and has served on diplomatic missions for the French government.

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    Jean Christophe Marmara / Figarophoto

    The Empire and the Five Kings

    Bernard-Henri Lévy
    Henry Holt and Co.
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    One of the West’s leading intellectuals offers a provocative look at America’s withdrawal from world leadership and the rising powers who seek to fill the vacuum left behind.

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