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Casey Scieszka

Casey Scieszka

Casey and Steven are from Brooklyn and D.C. respectively. They’ve set up camp all over the world–from China to Mali to Morocco–but are currently Brooklynites. Casey and Steven are also the co-founders of American Friends of IEP, a nonprofit which helps raise money for local language programs and book printing in Mali, West Africa.


<a href="">To Timbuktu: the official trailer! </a>

To Timbuktu: the official trailer!

A 6 month contract to teach English in Beijing turned into 2 years travelling the world. Watch! And learn more about Casey and Steven's fascinating story.

To Timbuktu

by Casey Scieszka, illustrated by Steven Weinberg
Roaring Brook Press
Roaring Brook Press

Casey and Steven met in Morocco, moved to China then went all the way to Timbuktu. This illustrated travel memoir tells the story of their first two years out of college spent teaching English, making friends across language barriers, researching, painting, and learning to be themselves wherever they are.

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