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Christopher Hagerman

Christopher Hagerman

CHRISTOPHER HAGERMAN is a retired United States Navy SEAL.  Hagerman attended American Military University and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security - Emergency and Disaster Management in 2007.  Born and raised in California, Christopher has always had a love of the outdoors, especially the water. 

Hagerman joined the Navy in 1996.  He graduated Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training in Coronado, California with Class 211.  He was awarded the Trident as a Navy SEAL in 1998.  During his honorable career, he served with SEAL Delivery Team 2 and SEAL Team 2 while supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.  Petty Officer Hagerman served as a Navy SEAL Sniper and Special Operations Combat Medic, graduating from the U.S. Army Special Forces Combat Medical School (18-Delta). 

Christopher enjoys spending time with his wife and their three children.  They reside in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Navy SEALs BUD/S Preparation Guide


Christopher Hagerman, Michael Ritland, and SOFREP; Foreword by Brandon Webb
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Retired Navy SEAL Chris Hagerman will take you inside the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training program to teach prospective Navy SEALs the ins and outs of the most rigorous military selection...

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