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Geir Tangen

Geir Tangen was born in 1970 in Øystese, Norway. He runs Norway’s biggest crime book blog –, with over 170,000 readers – where he’s reviewed crime novels and thrillers since 2012. Geir holds a degree in Political Science and ICT, and has worked as a journalist, and as a freelance editor for several Norwegian publishers. He currently works as a secondary school teacher.

Requiem is Geir Tangen’s debut novel, first self-published in January 2016. One month later, after a rave reception, one of Norway’s biggest and most prestigious publishers, Gyldendal, pre-empted the rights to Maestro and the next book in the series featuring Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Lotte Skeisvoll. Tangen lives and works in Haugesund, Norway, with his wife and three children.

Geir Tangen


Gudmundsson and Skeisvoll

Geir Tangen; Translated by Paul Norlen
St. Martin's Publishing Group
Minotaur Books

The first in a superb new series from phenomenal author Geir Tangen, Requiem strikes a deliciously chilling chord.

“A magnificent crime...

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