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Jeanine Pirro

Jeanine Pirro was the District Attorney of Westchester County, New York for 12 years. Pirro began her career in law enforcement as a prosecutor in Westchester more than twenty-five years ago. In 1978, she headed the county's first domestic violence unit, one of only four in the nation. Later, she was elected the first woman jurist to sit on the Westchester County Court bench. Pirro's High Technology Crimes unit has garnered nationwide attention for its undercover stings against pedophiles and child pornographers who use the Internet to prey on children. To date, over 70 arrests have been made, with a conviction rate of 100%. Pirro is the author of To Punish and Protect and the Dani Fox novels. Her television credits include her own shows on Fox News, Justice with Judge Jeanine, and the CW, Judge Jeanine Pirro; and several appearances on shows such as The O'Reilly Factor and Fox and Friends. Pirro lives in Westchester.

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To Punish and Protect

Jeanine Pirro with Catherine Whitney
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"The office of the district attorney is a battleground, where the fight between good and evil unfolds each day. We see the ugliest side of life, the pain that people go through for no reason....

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