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John A. Keel

JOHN A. KEEL was a prominent journalist and UFOlogist, credited with coining the term "Men in Black." He was the author of The Mothman Prophecies. He died in 2009.

John A. Keel


<a href="">the Mothman Prophecies Trailer</a>

the Mothman Prophecies Trailer

Watch the trailer for the 2002 film adaptation of The Mothman Prophecies, adapted from the book by John A. Keel.

The Mothman Prophecies

John A. Keel
Tor Books

West Virginia, 1966. For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real-life nightmare culminating in a tragedy that makes headlines around the world. Strange occurrences and sightings, including a bizarre winged apparition that becomes known as the Mothman, trouble this ordinary American community. Mysterious lights are seen moving across the sky. Domestic animals are found slaughtered and mutilated. And journalist John Keel, arriving to investigate the freakish events, soon finds himself an integral part of an eerie and unfathomable mystery.

Translated into over thirteen languages, John Keel's unsettling true story of the paranormal has long been regarded as a classic in the literature of the unexplained.

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