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K. A. Holt

K.A. Holt is a writer, a terrible cook, and a mother of three (not necessarily in that order). When she’s not busy imagining how she would survive a zombie apocalypse, she’s busy imagining how she will survive the day. Kirkus and Publishers Weekly praised her first book for children, MIKE STELLAR: NERVES OF STEEL, with words like precocious and complex, and savvy and sharp.

K. A. Holt



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Brains for Lunch trailer

Life is rough in middle school, but it's even rougher when your classmates are zombies, Lifers (regular humans), and nasty, blood-sucking creatures called chupacabras.

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Brains For Lunch
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Brains For Lunch

K.A. Holt, illustrated by Gahan Wilson
Roaring Brook Press
Roaring Brook Press

The difference being that this middle school novel is written entirely in Haiku. Loeb, its zombie protagonist has a problem: the object of his affection, Siobhan, is a lifer (i.e. human). What to...

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