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Larry Holcombe

Larry Holcombe
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LARRY HOLCOMBE's introduction to the world of ufology came in the late 1950’s after reading Major Donald Keyhoe’s, Flying Saucers Are Real and Flying Saucers from Outer Space. These books started a 50 plus year study and avocation into mainstream research on the subject. His writing, speaking efforts and interviews now center on bringing light to bear on the continued United States denial and cover-up of UFO issues. He lives in Callao, Virginia.

The Presidents and UFOs

Larry Holcombe; Foreword by Stanton T. Friedman
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St. Martin's Griffin

The UFO enigma has been part of our culture since the 1940s and building to a worldwide explosion of acceptance today. Now, as governments around the world open their files and records on internal...

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