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Libby Cataldi

Libby Cataldi
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Libby Cataldi holds a doctorate in education and has been an educator all her life, most recently as head of Maryland's Calverton School. She has two sons, Jeff and Jeremy Bratton, and divides her time between Annapolis, Maryland and Florence, Italy. She is the author of the book Stay Close: A Mother's Story of Her Son's Addiction.


<a href="">Interview with Libby Cataldi, "Stay Close"</a>

Interview with Libby Cataldi, "Stay Close"

An interview with the author of Stay Close. Libby describes helping her son through addiction and the writing of her book.

Stay Close

Libby Cataldi
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Libby Cataldi was the head of a private school and prided herself on being attuned to the problems her students endured. So how was it that she missed her own son Jeff's descent into addiction, even...

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