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Lou Cove

Lou Cove is the author of Man of the Year, a memoir about the year when he served as “campaign manager” for Playgirl magazine’s Mr. November 1978. It worked, Mr. November won.An editor and journalist for the first ten years of his career, his Man of the Year experience got him hooked on campaigns: He has raised more than $70 million for nonprofit organizations and continues to advise national nonprofits of capacity building and sustainability. Lou lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, and he hasn’t seen a new copy of Playgirl since 1980.

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Man of the Year

Lou Cove
Flatiron Books
Flatiron Books

"Hilarious and poignant" — People Magazine

For one 1970’s family, the center may not hold, but it certainly does fold.

In 1978 Jimmy Carter mediates the Camp David Accords,...

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