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Pam Smy

Pam Smy studied Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, part of Anglia Ruskin University, where she now lectures part-time. Pam has illustrated books by Conan Doyle (The Hound of the Baskervilles), Julia Donaldson (Follow the Swallow) and Kathy Henderson (Hush, Baby, Hush!), among others. She lives in Cambridge.

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Pam Smy
Roaring Brook Press
Roaring Brook Press

Parallel, interwoven stories set in different times—one told through intimate diary entries and the other through bold, striking art—converge as a girl unravels the mystery of the abandoned building next door. Pam Smy’s Thornhill is a haunting exploration of human connection, breathtakingly illustrated and masterfully told.

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