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Robert L. Caslen Jr.

Robert L. Caslen Jr.
Higher Echelon

Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Jr. is the 29th president of the University of South Carolina. Caslen is a retired Army lieutenant general and former superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point. After retiring from the Army in 2018, Caslen became the senior counsel to the president at the University of Central Florida. Caslen grew up in Vermont, worked in his family’s ski lodge, and then was recruited to play football at West Point. Along with his bachelor’s degree from West Point, Caslen holds an MBA in finance from Long Island University and a master’s in industrial engineering from Kansas State University. He and his wife, Shelly, have been married for over 40 years and have three sons and four grandchildren.


Higher Echelon

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The Character Edge

Robert L. Caslen, Jr. and Dr. Michael D. Matthews
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The former superintendent at West Point and a psychologist explain why all successful leaders rely on a foundation of strong character.

Among the most successful leaders...

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