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Ruth Strout-McCandless

Ruth Strout-McCandless

Ruth Strout McCandless studied at Stanford University and Claremont Graduate School and in 1941 began her association with Senzaki. In 1955, while under the tutelage of Soen Nakagawa at Ryutaku-ji, she became the first Western woman to stay at a Zen monastery. She was one of the editors of The Iron Flute, a collection of ancient Zen koans with essays by Senzaki.

Books by the Author

Buddhism and Zen
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Buddhism and Zen

Nyogen Senzaki and Ruth Strout-McCandless; With a Foreword by Robert Aitken
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
North Point Press

Written for the neophyte who has no prior knowledge of the subject, Buddhism and Zen defines basic terms, translates key words, and answers the ten most frequently asked questions that are posed...

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