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Suzanne Carreiro

Suzanne Carreiro
William McBain

Suzanne Carreiro has worked in the food industry for over twenty years, having written for The San Francisco Chronicle, Cooking Light and others. She is the author of The Dog Who Ate the Truffle. She was the PR director of Beringer Blass Wine Estates in Napa Valley where she now lives.


<a href="">The Dog Who Ate the Truffle Book Trailer</a>

The Dog Who Ate the Truffle Book Trailer

Book Trailer for "The Dog Who Ate the Truffle" by author Suzanne Carreiro.

Suzanne Carreiro's Blog

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    William McBain

    The Dog Who Ate the Truffle

    Suzanne Carreiro
    St. Martin's Publishing Group
    Thomas Dunne Books

    An authentic culinary journey—part memoir, part cookbook—introducing readers to the people, places, and food of Umbria


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