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Warwick Cairns

Warwick Cairns
© Susan Cairns

WARWICK CAIRNS was a warehouse worker, drilled wells on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota, and traveled in northern Kenya with a legendary explorer before settling on a career in advertising. He lives in Windsor, England, with his wife Susan and two daughters.


<a href="">How to Live Dangerously - An Animated Short</a>

How to Live Dangerously - An Animated Short

An animated short on the book HOW TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY by Warwick Cairns, produced by animator Roy Blumenthal

How to Live Dangerously

Warwick Cairns
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin

Afraid of flying? Forty percent of Americans are. Yet you'd have to fly every day for the next 26,000 years to assure yourself of dying in a crash. A leisurely canoe ride is more than...

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