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Aztec Revenge

Aztec Revenge

Aztec (Volume 6)

Gary Jennings and Junius Podrug

Forge Books



Mass Market Paperbound

Aztec Revenge is another thrilling installemnt in Gary Jenning's New York Times bestselling Aztec series, set in 19th century Mexico.
Juan is a "mestizo," of mixed Spanish and Indio heritage, sure to be doomed to a short, violent life begging on the streets. But Juan has a special gift for handling horses and an ability to defend himself at a time when a man's best friends are his horse and his sword. Only El Mestizo, the half-caste son of the conqueror Cortés, knows that the blood of kings flows in the young beggar.

After killing a man for beating a horse, Juan becomes a highwayman and horse thief before disguising himself as a wealthy caballero. He is wined and dined by the richest and most powerful people in the colony—who don't realize that some of them had once stared down the barrel of Juan's pistola as he took their gold.

Fighting, conniving, and loving in a colorful era of flashing swords and brave hearts, Juan must use all the tricks he learned as a beggar and a bandit to unlock the secret of his own heritage.



AYYO! ON A horse with a noose around my neck, my hands tied behind my back, and the steed about to be whipped out from under me, I could already feel el diablo's hot claws gripping my ankles tightly, ready to pull me down after...


Praise for Aztec Revenge

“The most extraordinary historical novel to appear in years.” —Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Impact on Aztec Rage

“Big, bold, and bawdy, a rip-snorting swashbuckler.... It's fiction of the grand tradition.” —Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of Liars and Thieves on Aztec Rage

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About the author

Gary Jennings and Junius Podrug

GARY JENNINGS was known for the rigorous and intensive research behind his novels, which often included hazardous travel. He passed away in 1999, leaving behind a rich legacy of historical fiction and outlines for new novels.

JUNIUS PODRUG is an accomplished writer of both fiction and nonfiction. He lives on Cape Cod.

Gary Jennings

Gary Jennings

Junius Podrug

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