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Beneath a Starlet Sky

Beneath a Starlet Sky

Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper

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The New York Times bestselling authors of Celebutantes return with a dazzling new novel set among the star-studded crowds of the Cannes Film Festival, where everyone's hoping to discover, sign, screw or become the Next Big Thing. And a three-picture deal would be nice.

Lola Santisi—CEO of a struggling fashion line, reformed Actorholic and daughter of Hollywood Royalty—is now not only bicoastal, she's Bi-Lolar: That is the condition which causes her to swing like a pendulum between the opposing poles of the fashion world in New York and the real world with her Doctor Boyfriend in Los Angeles. She hardly knows which shoe fits her anymore: the Louboutin stiletto or the Croc. As Lola tries to launch Julian Tennant's new dress line, it looks like they're about to get their next big break: his wedding dresses have been chosen to feature in the top film at the Cannes Film Festival. And suddenly Lola is staging a full-blown couture show on a yacht – in the middle of the Med. Think those super models had trouble walking down the catwalks at Fashion Week? With an unexpected finale twist, this time it's Lola who's tumbling off the runway.

Having recently endured a disastrous break-up with Lola's brother Christopher, Kate Woods, Lola's BFF and CAA's rising star agent, is newly single, and focused 24-7 on her clients. The only thing worse than thinking it was a good idea for Kate to date Lola's brother, is thinking it was a good idea for Kate to put one of her most loose-cannon clients, Nic Knight, in Lola's father's movie. Among Kate's other mega star clients is Saffron Sykes whose appearance on the cover of Vain magazine in Julian Tennant could be the difference between Julian Tennant, Inc. weathering the economy or going bust.

As Lola fights to survive the Cannes Film Festival, will she get swept into the French Riviera's riptide of glamour and superficiality? Are real love and couture mutually exclusive? Or can Lola have it all – the good doctor and her Louboutins. With her father and brother vying for the same prize, her mother starring in her new reality show, and one heartbroken girlfriend about to declare motherhood, it's all on Lola to come up with the answers. And it's going to take more than one of her mother's prosperity chants to save the day.



cannes-dy land

The smattering of movie posters that read, FORGETTING PETUNIA HOLT, EVEN THE DOG THOUGHT YOU WERE A BITCH, PETUNIA HOLT, and SATAN COULD BE YOUR SISTER are lit up in an explosion of lights from the cacophony...


Praise for Beneath a Starlet Sky

“Absolutely mandatory reading for red-carpet junkies. Goldberg and Hopper are masterful storytellers.” —Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author of I Do (But I Don't)

“Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper have that rare gift...a sense of humor. Their two main characters are bright and confident, full of wisecracks.” —Janet Maslin, New York Times

“You'd be hard-pressed to find a celebrity satire that out-name-drops Beneath a Starlet Sky and does it with such perceptive humor... Beneath a Starlet Sky celebrates Hollywood culture and makes authoritative fun of it.” —Washington Post

“The noise and celebrity wattage is seductive and silly fun, but the message tucked inside all the gab and glitz is simplicity itself: less acting and more being.” —Publishers Weekly

“A star-studded treat--glam, witty and deliciously fun.” —Sarah Mlynowski, author of Milkrun and Fishbowl

“The authors write with a sweet honesty and grounding that reinforces their message about what's really important in life.” —USA Today

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About the author

Amanda Goldberg and Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper

AMANDA GOLDBERG and RUTHANNA KHALIGHI HOPPER are the New York Times bestselling authors of Celebutantes. The authors reside in Hollyweird.

Amanda Goldberg

Amanda Goldberg

Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper

Ruthanna Khalighi Hopper

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