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Southern Ladies & Gentlemen

Southern Ladies & Gentlemen

Florence King

St. Martin's Griffin


Looking for guidance in understanding the ways and means of Southern culture? Look no further. Florence King's celebrated field guide to the land below the Mason-Dixon Line is now blissfully back in print, just in time for the Clinton era. The Failed Souther Lady's classic primer on Dixie manners captures such storied types as the Southern Woman (frigid, passionate, sweet, bitchy, and scatterbrained--all at the same time), the Self-Rejuvenating Virgin, and the Good Ole Boy in all his coats and stripes. (The Clinton questions--is he a G.O.B. or isn't he?--Miss king covers in her hilarious new Afterword.) No one has ever made more sharp, scathing, affectionate, real sense out of the land of the endless Civil War than Florence King in these razor-edged pages.


"Build a Fence Around the South and You'd Have One Big Madhouse"
or: The Tip of the Iceberg
I have good reason to know that the only way to understand...

Praise for Southern Ladies & Gentlemen

“The funniest book I've read in years.” —Cosmopolitan

“She is witty, charming, infuriating, pretentious, naive, shrewd, saucy, innocent, and outrageous. Sometimes her mind works like an Ole Miss cheerleader who jis loves to twirl her li'l skirt; sometimes she is as analyticall cool as the most insightful ethnologist...Her prose sparkles like bubbles in champagne.” —New Orleans States-Item

“Though the book is terribly funny--viciously, lovingly, outrageously funny--it is also a remarkable piece of popular anthropology...This book is to Southern manners and morals what Trollope's and Austen's novels were to English life in previous centuries.” —Journal of American Folklore

“A polished sophisticated dissection. Only a Southerner could have written it.” —Greenville [South Carolina] News

“This is the best book ever written abou the South...And on top of that it's delectably funny.” —Chattanooga Times

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Florence King

Florence King is the author of Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady, With Charity Toward None, and other books. Though she still lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Washington-fed yuppies may yet drive her father into the hills.

Florence King

St. Martin's Griffin

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