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Data Trash

Data Trash

The Theory of Virtual Class

Culture Texts

Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein

St. Martin's Griffin


Smelling the virtual flowers and counting the road-kill on the digital superhighway are just a couple of things that Kroker and Weinstein explain. Others include: the theory of the virtual class; virtual ideology; the will to virtuality; the political economy of virtual reality; prime time reports; virtual (photographic) culture; and the virtual history file.

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Arthur Kroker and Michael A. Weinstein

Arthur Kroker is the director of the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, and Canada Research Chair in Technology, Culture, and Theory at the University of Victoria.

Michael A. Weinstein (1942-2015) was a renaissance man: a political philosopher and analyst, a photography critic, and a punk musician. He authored and coauthored more than twenty books, including The Wilderness and the City, Culture/Flesh, and Data Trash.

Arthur Kroker

Michael A. Weinstein

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St. Martin's Griffin

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