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Beyond Acceptance

Beyond Acceptance

Parents of Lesbians & Gays Talk About Their Experiences

Carolyn W. Griffin, Marian J. Wirth and Arthur G. Wirth; Introduction by Brian McNaught

St. Martin's Griffin


"Mom, Dad, I'm gay." When a parent hears these words, the initial shock is often followed by feelings ranging from anger and denial to fear and guilt. It's also the beginning of a difficult journey that, with understanding and emotional support, can lead to acceptance and beyond.

Now fully revised and updated, Beyond Acceptance by co-authors Carolyn W. Griffin, Marian J. Wirth, and Arthur G. Wirth remains a ground-breaking book that provides parents the comfort and knowledge they need to accept the gay children and build stronger family relationships. Based on the experiences of other parents, this book lets them know they are not alone and helps them through the emotional stages leading to reconciliation with their children.

Praise for Beyond Acceptance

“This wonderful book...belongs in the hands of every parent, family member, and friend who knows or suspects someone they love is gay and in the hands of every gay person who is about to share his or her beautiful though unsettling secret. Beyond Acceptance, now updated to reflect important breakthroughs in science and public perceptions, provides a clear and reliable road map for those who seek mutual understanding and respect between straight parents and gay children.” —Brian McNaught, author of On Being Gay (from the introduction)

“Rarely is there a book published that can be called a true 'must.' But if you or especially your parents are not feeling good about their knowledge of your homosexuality, this is one.” —Jeff Kirsch, Out!

“I'd recommend this book to any gay person who has (or has ever had) parents, whether you are out to them or not. And certainly, I'd recommend it to any parent who knows, or even supposes, that his or her child is gay. I'm sending it to mine.” —Lori Ubell, The San Francisco Bay Times


Reviews from Goodreads

Carolyn W. Griffin, Marian J. Wirth and Arthur G. Wirth; Introduction by Brian McNaught

Carolyn W. Griffin, Marian J. Wirth, and Arthur G. Wirth are co-authors of Beyond Acceptance: Parents of Lesbians and Gays Talk about Their Experiences.

Brian McNaught is an award-winning writer, sexuality educator, and consultant on the issues facing gay, lesbian, and bisexual people. He has trained several thousand employees of AT&T and Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) on the topic of "Homophobia in the Workplace." Since 1974, Mr. McNaught has spoken at nearly one hundred universities and has produced numerous educational materials on homosexuality and on Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). From 1982 to 1984 he served as the Mayor of Boston's liaison to the gay and lesbian community.

Mr. McNaught is the author of the popular book On Being Gay: Thoughts on Family, Faith, and Love (St. Martin's Press). He received his degree in journalism from Marquette University in 1970. A native of Detroit, Mr. McNaught now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carolyn W. Griffin

Marian J. Wirth

St. Martin's Griffin

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