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The Power to Get In

The Power to Get In

Using The Circle Of Leverage System To Get In Anyone's Door Faster, More Effectively & With Less Exp

Michael A. Boylan

St. Martin's Griffin



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The Power to Get In deals with the single most common and frustrating problem for anyone who's in business, a job transition, or a move back into the work force: the problem of gaining access to the correct audience. Today, no other skill is as directly connected to your ability to earn a living as the skill of getting in to see the right people. Michael Boylan's step-by-step system, The Circle of Leverage, will help you cut through bureaucracy, identify the people you most need to see, and get in their doors. Anyone with something to sell, abilities to offer, or ideas to present will find this book invaluable.


The Power To Get In

Section One
Why You've Been Frozen Out
The Grim Reality
You've been frozen out, or are being frozen out right now. You can...


Praise for The Power to Get In

“It's 100 percent about making sure you get in, so you have the opportunity to present your product or service or capabilities.” —Larry Wilson, coauthor of the bestseller, The One Minute Salesperson

“[Boyland] is a strong believer in combining risk-taking and perseverance to get your foot in the door...And the experts agree with that attitude.” —Chicago Tribune

“How can you get to the movers and shakers? Read Michael Boylan's The Power to Get In... A top-down contact strategy that will get results.” —Detroit Free Press

“A provden process that works.” —F. James McDonald, president (returned) General Motors Corporation

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About the author

Michael A. Boylan

Michael A. Boylan is the founder and CEO of Strategic Access System, a training and consulting firm to executives, professionals and career transitioners seeking to gain access to key decision makers. He lives in Minneapolis.

Michael A. Boylan

Michael A. Boylan

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