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England's Dreaming, Revised Edition

England's Dreaming, Revised Edition

Anarchy, Sex Pistols, Punk Rock, and Beyond

Jon Savage; With a new introduction by the author

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

England's Dreaming is the ultimate book on punk, its progenitors, the Sex Pistols, and the moment they defined for music fans in England and the United States. Savage brings to life the sensational story of the meteoric rise and rapid implosion of the Pistols through layers of rich detail, exclusive interviews, and rare photographs. This fully revised and updated edition of the book covers the legacy of punk twenty-five years later and provides an account of the Pistols' 1996 reunion as well as a freshly updated discography and a completely new introduction.

Praise for England's Dreaming, Revised Edition

“[T]he definitive history of the English punk movement...” —The New York Times Book Review

“Scholarship with spunk.” —Rolling Stone

“The best book about punk rock and pop culture ever.” —New Musical Express

“An exceptional book: dead serious and achingly funny, full of delicate complex emotions about the most brutally simple form of pop music ever created.” —Entertainment Weekly


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Jon Savage; With a new introduction by the author

Jon Savage began writing about music in 1977 and has covered the music scene for U.S. and international publications ever since. His books include The Kinks: The Official Biography and Time Travel, a collection of articles. He lives in West London.

St. Martin's Griffin

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