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The Feeling Buddha

The Feeling Buddha

A Buddhist Psychology of Character, Adversity and Passion

David Brazier

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

This engaging introduction to Buddhism explains the Buddha's earliest teachings, and is a practical guide for how to live fully in today's stressful world. The Feeling Buddha is a lucid account of how the Buddha's path of wisdom and loving kindness grew out of the challenges he encountered in life. Brazier explains the concepts of enlightenment, nirvana and the four Noble Truths, free from mystification. Buddha emerges as a very human figure whose success lay not in his perfection, but in how he positively utilized the energy which was generated through his suffering. This rare guide illustrates how Buddha's philosophy of the "middle way" can lead to a balanced, harmonious, and serene existence in the 21st century.

Praise for The Feeling Buddha

The Feeling Buddha shows a deep and humanistic understanding of Buddhist indispensable book.” —Joy Manne, Self and Society

“Stimulating and provocative” —Rosamund Oliver, View


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David Brazier

David Brazier is the author of The New Buddhism and Zen Therapy. A registered psychotherapist who lives in London, Brazier is spiritual teacher to the Order of Amida Buddha, a religious community dedicated to socially engaged Buddhism.

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