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Use Me or Lose Me

Use Me or Lose Me

A Novel of Love, Sex, and Drama

Maryann Reid

St. Martin's Griffin


The fabulously fine, Farah Washington first appeared in Sex and the Single Sister. A junior correspondent to NBC News, she has always taken the fast track to love and success. Now she's determined to climb to the top of the media ladder, and she's willing to use every weapon in her considerable arsenal to do so. Then Farah meets Lenox Whitworth, a powerful, oh-so-fine lawyer who steps in to negotiate the station's contracts. But what he sees in her is the kind of sophisticated woman he needs and wants on his arm, in his life and in his bed. And Farah, sensing a prime opportunity, allows this powerful, handsome brother, to truly introduce her to the wicked indulgences of the rich and glamorous as he influences her career behind the scenes. They both believe that they've got a handle on a good thing, but they're both about to realize that they've met their match in each other.

Filled with love, sex, drama and glamour, Farah and Lenox take you on a wild ride.

Praise for Use Me or Lose Me

Use Me or Lose Me is a fresh and exciting must-read.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, bestselling author of A Taste of Reality

“A sexy, sassy, and spicy life lession on the consequences of desire [and] lust. . .never a dull moment.” —Marissa Monteilh, author of The Chocolate Ship

Use Me or Lose Me is as smart and beautifully written as its protagonist, Farah Washington.” —QBR The Black Book Review

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Maryann Reid

Maryann Reid, a graduate of Fordham University, has written for Black Enterprise, and her novella, Single Black Female, appeared on Use Me or Lose Me is her second book. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

St. Martin's Griffin

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