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Zac Power #1: Poison Island

Zac Power #1: Poison Island

24 Hours to Save the World … and Walk the Dog

Zac Power (Volume 1)

H.I. Larry; Illustrated by Ash Oswald

Square Fish


Mission: Find Formula for Solution X
Enemy: Dr. Drastic
Featured Gadget: SpyPad Turbo Deluxe
Danger Rating: 6.7

Zac Power is on a mission to the world's most dangerous island. He has to track down Dr. Drastic, an evil mad scientist, in a jungle is full of quicksand, piranhas, and poison frogs. No sweat! When you come from a family of spies, you do this sort of thing millions of times before the age of twelve.

But this time is different. Something goes terribly wrong and Zac's geeky older brother gets kidnapped. Now, Zac only has 24 hours to find the formula for solution X and stop Dr. Drastic…before his brother gets fed to a volcano!

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Square Fish

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