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Hooker to Housewife

Hooker to Housewife

Joy King

St. Martin's Griffin


Meet Chantal Morgan, femme fatale of all industry chicks and arch nemesis of Tyler Blake, in this scintillating sequel to Dirty Little Secrets

Tyler Blake is off to Hollywood, the newest starlet of Tinsel Town, with a wonderful man by her side. Unfortunately that man is married, and she once again crosses paths with controlling T-Roc. When Tyler thinks her life can't get any more complicated, she falls in love with Andre Jackson. He has it all--money, fame, movie star looks, and the bad boy reputation that Tyler vowed to avoid. But more than that, Andre has Chantal Morgan, long term girlfriend and mother of his child, who is determined to go from hooker to housewife. Has Tyler finally met her match?

Chapter One

Queen of New York


The honey-blond bombshell strutted into the nail salon on Park Avenue like she owned New York City. All eyes turned to catch a glimpse of the cover girl beauty. She had the gorgeous face...

Praise for Hooker to Housewife

Praise for Dirty Little Secrets:

"I was engrossed in the story, and so hungry for the drama, that I had to fight to keep from glancing over at the next page. Not only was this a riveting, sexy tale, but there were many lessons to be learned, page after page."
--Trista Russell, bestselling author of Going Broke and Fly on the Wall

"A true roller-coaster ride for the heart and mind...Honest and real."
--Maryann Reid, author of Marry Your Baby Daddy and Use Me or Lose Me

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Joy King

JOY KING represents a new genre of young, hip and sexy novelists who take readers behind the velvet rope of the glamorous but often shady entertainment industry. Loosely chronicling her life experiences into fiction, she made her debut with Dirty Little Secrets.

St. Martin's Griffin

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