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Mountain Rescue Doctor

Mountain Rescue Doctor

Wilderness Medicine in the Extremes of Nature

Christopher Van Tilburg, M.D.

St. Martin's Griffin


Christopher Van Tilburg, MD is an emergency room physician, ski patrol doctor, emergency wilderness physician, and member of the Hood River Crag Rats, the oldest mountain rescue team in the country. When Dr. Van Tilburg's beeper goes off, the call may take him racing up a mountain peak to rescue an injured hiker, into a blizzard to search for missing skiers, or to a mountain airplane crash scene for body recovery.

Dr. Van Tilburg's work requires a unique combination of emergency medicine, survival skills, agility, and extreme sports. In Mountain Rescue Doctor, Van Tilburg shares personal stories of harrowing and suspenseful rescues and recoveries, including the recent Mount Hood disaster, which claimed the lives of three climbers. Mountain Rescue Doctor is an exhilarating tour through the perils of nature and medicine.

Praise for Mountain Rescue Doctor

“Chris Van Tilburg works by day as an ER doctor in Hood River, OR. In Mountain Rescue Doctor, he recounts adrenaline-packed tales from one of his ‘downtime' pursuits: saving lives as a high-peak Craig Rat.” —Reader's Digest Editor's Choice

“[Van Tilburg's] strength lies in what he teaches about mountain rescue and wilderness survival. Mountain Rescue Doctor is the story behind the headlines.” —The Oregonian

“Van Tilburg's dogged spadework in translating to the page the intricate essentials of his unique trade makes each breathtaking rescue literally come to life. Exhilarating take on the daily life of a unique brand of doctor.” —Kirkus

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Christopher Van Tilburg, M.D.

CHRISTOPHER VAN TILBURG, M.D. is editor for Wilderness Medicine magazine and is a regular contributor to National Geographic Adventure, Backcountry, Columbia Gorge, among others. He is an emergency room and ski resort physician, and a member of the Hood River Crag Rats, the oldest mountain rescue team in the US. He has written seven books on the outdoors, and lives in Hood River, Oregon with his daughters.

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Christopher Van Tilburg

St. Martin's Griffin

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