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Extra Marital Affairs

Extra Marital Affairs

Relentless Aaron

St. Martin's Griffin


When Mason and Adena Fickle find their new sex partner, Loween, dead in their bed just hours after the threesome's hot and raunchy escapade, they discover the woman was neither who nor what she'd said she was. The ménage à trois should have been nothing special. After all, the Fickles have already tried it all. But Loween's death brings an unexpected visitor and the streets to their doorstep, and soon things get out of hand.
Can Mason and Adena regain control of their lives? Is it too late to call on love and commitment in this time of desperate answers and urgent decisions?
In this spicy, sexy, and dangerous new tale, Relentless Aaron---one of the hottest forces in street fiction---will keep you guessing till the end.

Chapter One
For Mason and Adena Fickle, enough was never enough. More and more, they went on looking for that next big thrill. The problem for them—one they never had too much trouble solving—was not necessarily "who" or "what" would...

Praise for Extra Marital Affairs

"Self-publishing street lit phenomenon Aaron (To Live and Die in Harlem) serves up a smoldering batch of raw erotica and criminality." - Publishers Weekly

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Relentless Aaron

Relentless Aaron lives with his family in New York, where he also owns and operates Relentless Content, a publishing and video production company. The author is currently working on a series of novels to add to his existing catalog of thirty novels.

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