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Love Life

Love Life

A Novel

Ray Kluun

St. Martin's Griffin


Dan and Carmen have it all, it seems: They are young, rich, good-looking, satisfied in their work and love life, and are the parents of a beautiful three-year-old daughter. When Carmen is diagnosed with breast cancer, Dan is unable to cope with her illness and the changes this brings to their happy, yuppie family life. While the beautiful and optimistic Carmen submits to chemotherapy and eventually a mastectomy, hedonistic Dan tries to find solace with his buddies and in several flings before he finally stops running away and succeeds in supporting Carmen in her decision to end her life with dignity. Love Life is an account of a terminal illness that is devoid of glitz or fake sentiment. Distressing hospital situations and spot-on characterizations of doctors and therapists alternate with the many heart-wrenching moments through the course of Carmen's illness, as both she and Dan come to terms with what commitment really means. Love Life is completely unapologetic, extremely controversial, but ultimately uplifting and life-affirming.

Praise for Love Life

“An ode to love.” —NRC Handelsblad

“Kluun knows how to affect you deeply.” —Marie Claire magazine

“A wonderful novel about courage, helplessness and real love.” —Cosmopolitan Germany

“A radical 21st century version of Love Story.” —Der Spiegel (Book of the Week)

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Ray Kluun

After Ray Kluun's thirty-six-year-old wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and died in 2001, he moved to Australia with his small daughter and began writing Love Life, which is modeled on his own experiences. Kluun now lives in Amsterdam and has just published a follow-up novel, The Widower.

St. Martin's Griffin

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