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Four Wives

Four Wives

A Novel

Wendy Walker

St. Martin's Griffin


Take a peek beyond the perfectly-manicured lawns of Hunting Ridge. For four wives who live there, all is not as it seems…

Former child prodigy Love Welsh can't seem to banish the demons that ended her career. Now a devoted mother and wife, her quest for a resolution to her secret past will place at risk the life she has created. Her neighbor, part-time divorce attorney Marie Passeti, struggles with a difficult case and her unexpected feelings for the young intern working at her side. In a mansion across town, Gayle Beck enjoys the social status that her family's "old money" guarantees, but inside her fairy tale, life grows darker with each passing day. Gayle's friend, Janie Kirk, who is both envied and loathed for her exceptional beauty and expert homemaking, is losing the battle to remain satisfied in a passionless marriage, and falls into a surprising affair.

As the women plan a charity gala, their not-so-perfect lives are slowly exposed. And as springtime comes to a close, each woman faces the most difficult challenge of all: reconciling her innermost desires with the path that she has chosen.


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Author and opt-out expert Wendy Walker talks about her novel "Four Wives" (St. Martin's Griffin, March 31 2009), a story about the personal choices of four highly-educated women, and how they must confront the consequences of choices made long ago: marital abuse, adultery, career guilt, and ghosts from the past.

Praise for Four Wives

“Walker's first novel is a treat. It's well written and features great characters, lots of humor, and dead-on analysis of friendship, marriage, and motherhood.” —Library Journal

“Wendy Walker writes a cleverly woven, sexy debut that is a fascinating peek inside the gilded cages of suburban matrimony....A true page-turner treat.” —Jill Kargman, author of Momzillas and co-author of The Right Address

“A fascinating read. Wendy Walker delivers a blistering dissection of modern suburban marriage. I couldn't put it down.” —Danielle Ganek, author of Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him

Four Wives is a brilliantly clever and accurate study in domestic discontentment. Acutely well-observed and suspenseful, it's a stunning reflection of life in an affluent American suburb, where the women seem to have everything...except happiness. A great read.” —Jane Green, author of The Other Woman and Swapping Lives


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Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker is a former commercial litigator and investment banker who now works at home writing and raising her children. She is the author of Social Lives (coming in August 2009), the editor of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms, and is currently working on her third novel.

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Wendy Walker

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