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Goody Hall

Author: Natalie Babbitt; Illustrated by the author

Goody Hall

Goody Hall


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Was Midas Goody dead or alive?

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An out-of-work actor, Hercules Feltwright, stumbles into a job tutoring Willet Goody, the only child of a widow living in a large, lonely house. Willet quickly involves his tutor in the search to discover the truth about his father. The mystery unfolds with the discovery of hidden treasure, a gypsy séance, and the frightening exploration of the tomb of Midas Goody.

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Square Fish



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Goody Hall is an unusual mystery that is rightly named; for Goody Hall seems almost to bewitch those who come in contact with it. The whole story has a dreamlike, allegorical quality that perfectly matches the setting. . . . an imaginative story for discriminating readers.” —School Library Journal, Starred Review

Goody Hall is one of those rare publishing miracles, a book to delight readers of all ages.” —The Boston Globe

“In the marvelously evoked atmosphere of a country establishment surrounded by legends of a costumed robber, Mrs. Babbitt moves precisely and lightly to a happy finale. Adults as well as children will be satisfied with this story for reading aloud.” —Washington Post Book World

“A delightfully zany yarn.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“This book is enchanting, written with comic artistry.” —Books for New Age Children and Youth

“The tidy, satisfying-for-everyone ending is perfectly in keeping with the skillfully wrought tale. The writing is the kind adults will enjoy sharing with children.” —The Horn Book Magazine

“A young hero hired as tutor in an isolated house; an empty tomb, a séance, and a statue filled with stolen jewels; a double glimpsed in a night garden; and a bang-up Victorian happy ending. Another delicious blend of style, wit, and adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews

Goody Hall belongs on the list of timeless classics. While the book may age, the story doesn't. It's a book that is as much a pleasure to read as a child as it is for an adult. There is mystery, humor, history, and legend, all wrapped up in a wonderfully told story about interesting, likable people. And the fiery finish will captivate even the most jaded of children. . . . Whether this will be the first or fifteenth time you've read it, it's worth every second.” —Armchair Interviews

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Goody Hall

Goody Hall