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Wish on a Unicorn

Author: Karen Hesse

Wish on a Unicorn

Wish on a Unicorn


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Mags has a lot to wish for, but can a stuffed unicorn really make her wishes come true?

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Now I didn't believe a broken-down old unicorn could make wishes come true . . . not for a minute. But what if it could?

Mags has a lot to wish for—a nice house with a mama who isn't tired out from work; a normal little sister; a brother who doesn't mooch for food; and, once in a while, she'd like some new clothes for school. When her sister Hannie finds a stuffed unicorn, Mags's wishes start to come true. She knows the unicorn can't really be magic, but she won't let anything ruin her newfound luck—even if it means telling her own sister to believe something that can't possibly be true.

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“The dogged struggle of the family in their trailer rings true . . . and no easy solution is offered. Kids will be moved by the burdens on the oldest girl, who resents adult responsibility and yet finds the loving strength to reach beyond her years.” —Booklist

“With colorful regional language and clear psychological insight, Hesse's debut ranks with Betsy Byars's Pinballs and Cynthia Voight's Homecoming in describing families surviving as best they can under economic privation.” —Publishers Weekly

“Hesse captures the spirits of a stalwart young heroine and her family.” —School Library Journal

“A compassionate story of a poor family who are rich in solidarity and spirit.” —Horn Book Guide

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Wish on a Unicorn

Wish on a Unicorn