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What's Heaven?

What's Heaven?

Maria Shriver; Illustrated by Sandra Speidel

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This treasure of a book, for people of all faiths, is a starting point for parents who must talk about the difficult topic of death with their children.

What should parents say when a loved one dies? Heaven is a difficult subject that always comes up at tough times, and Maria Shriver has written a very special book precisely for these stressful moments. What's Heaven? is the story of Kate, a little girl whose great-grandma has just died. She seeks answers, and her mother helps her learn about Heaven. The many questions in this book are real, coming from Shriver's own children, nieces, and nephews when her grandmother Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy passed away. With 900,000 copies of the book now in print, the loving, confident, and ultimately uplifting answers Shriver provides are helping readers' families come together, feel closer to one another, and experience peace during the times when they need it most.

Praise for What's Heaven?

“...unusually honest and attentive to children's concerns.... serves as an excellent model for parents.” —Publishers Weekly -

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Maria Shriver; Illustrated by Sandra Speidel

Maria Shriver graduated from Georgetown University. A correspondent for Dateline NBC, she lives in California with her husband, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and their four children. Maria is the author of What's Heaven?

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