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T Is for Terrible

T Is for Terrible

A Picture Book

Peter McCarty; illustrations by Peter McCarty

Square Fish


I am Tyrannosaurus Rex.
I am a dinosaur,
otherwise known as
a terrible lizard.

Tyrannosaurus rex is a terrible dinosaur; of this, everyone is certain. But is this dinosaur really so terrible? He IS very big and very hungry. True, he might even eat his neighbors for lunch. But from his point of view, he can't help it. After all, he's not a vegetarian . . .

T Is for Terrible is a 2005 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year

Praise for T Is for Terrible

“Dinosaur-crazed preschoolers will adore the whimsical account of a predator's logic.” —Publishers Weekly

“The artwork glows with warmth and vitality . . . beautifully formatted and well-conceived . . . It has just a hint of scariness, with a bit of humor thrown in--exactly right for the youngest dinosaur fans. A small book, but one that should be very welcome in storytimes.” —School Library Journal

“The delicacy of the illustrations underscores [the dinosaur's] wistful, carnivorous plight.” —New York Times Book Review

Reviews from Goodreads

Peter McCarty; illustrations by Peter McCarty

Peter McCarty is the author and illustrator of Little Bunny on the Move, Moon Plane, the Caldecott Honor book Hondo and Fabian (available from Square Fish), and Fabian Escapes, his newest book from Holt. He is also the the illustrator of several other books, including Night Driving and Frozen Man. He lives with his family in upstate New York.

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