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Sleeping on a Wire

Sleeping on a Wire

Conversations with Palestinians in Israel

With a New Afterword; David Grossman; Translated by Haim Watzman



Israel describes itself as a Jewish state. What, then, is the status of the one-fifth of its citizens who are not Jewish? Are they Israelis, or are they Palestinians? Or are they a people without a country? How will a Palestinian state—if it is established—influence the sense of belonging
and identity of Palestinian Israeli citizens? Based on conversations with Palestinians in Israel, David Grossman's Sleeping on a Wire, like The Yellow Wind, is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the Middle East today.

It was morning in the midafeh--%the room where guests are received--in the house of Hassan Ali Masalha in Kafr Kara. Passions flared among the men seated on mats; the elder Hassan Masalha was debating with his son....

Praise for Sleeping on a Wire

“No other Israeli writer so far has approached this touchy subject with such compassion, or looked at it with, so to speak, bifocal eyes, Israeli and Palestinian.” —The New York Review of Books

“ voice to a community that rarely makes itself heard outside Israel and is largely ignored within that country...An old Yiddish saying maintains that it's hard to be a Jew. Recent history has also taught us that it's hard to be a Palestinian. But to be a Palestinian in a Jewish state seems the very definition of being caught between the rock and the hard place.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“David Grossman is a brilliant and passionately honest young Israeli novelist whose clarity of vision and sensitivity to language inform his work as a political commentator.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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With a New Afterword; David Grossman; Translated by Haim Watzman

David Grossman is the author of several novels, including Someone to Run With, as well as the groundbreaking works of journalism, The Yellow Wind and Sleeping on a Wire; several children's books; and a play. He lives in Jerusalem.

David Grossman


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