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The Zig Zag Kid

The Zig Zag Kid

A Novel

David Grossman; Translated by Betsy Rosenberg



David Grossman's classic novels See Under: Love and The Book of Intimate Grammar, earned him international acclaim as an author of childhood. The Zig Zag Kid is written in a more optimistic vein, and recounts thirteen-year-old Nonny Feuerberg's picturesque journey into adulthood. As Nonny's Bar Mitzvah year trip turns into an amazing adventure, he not only finds himself befriending a notorious criminal, and a great actress, but confronts the great mystery of his own identity.

With wit and humor, The Zig Zag Kid is a novel that explores the most fundamental questions of good and evil and speaks directly to both adults and teenagers.

The ZigZag Kid

The whistle blew and the train pulled out of the station. There was a boy at one of the compartment windows watching a man and a woman wave to him from the platform. The man waved one hand in a shy...

Praise for The Zig Zag Kid

“David Grossman's delightful novel of adolescent initiation is a kind of contemporary urban fairy tale...In a style that is part comic-book adventure and part universal myth...His story of innocence transformed is so cleverly elaborated--and so touchingly true--that it is difficult not to cheer.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Lighthearted and funny, a book of enormous charm.” —The New York Times

“This is a fantasy that delights, surprises, and reveals.” —The Boston Sunday Globe

“This nimble picaresque variously suggests The Arabian Nights and Dr. Seuss in the glee with which it darts from one outlandish event to the next...Grossman explores universal concerns with wit and lightness.” —The Village Voice

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David Grossman; Translated by Betsy Rosenberg

David Grossman is the author of books of journalism, several children's books, a play, and several novels, including Be My Knife and the essay collection, Death as a Way of Life: Ten Years After Oslo. He lives in Jerusalem.

David Grossman


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