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Everything Will Be All Right

Everything Will Be All Right

A Novel

Tessa Hadley



When Joyce Stevenson is thirteen, her family moves to the south of England to live with their aunt Vera. Vera and her sister Lil aren't at all alike. Vera, a teacher, has unquestioning belief in the powers of education and reason; Lil puts her faith in seances. Joyce is determined to be different: she falls in love with art (and her art teacher). Spanning five decades of extraordinary change in women's lives, Tessa Hadley's Everything Will Be All Right explores the tangled history of one family and the disasters, hopes, compromises, and ambitions of successive generations.

After the end of the war, when she turned eleven, Joyce Stevenson won a scholarship to Gateshead Grammar; she was one of the top forty children in her year. Two years later, when they moved south to live with her Aunt Vera, her Uncle Dick...

Praise for Everything Will Be All Right

“Her gift as a writer is so considerable that her characters' revelations and predicaments linger in the mind long after her narrative has darted of in other directions.” —Alice Traux, The New York Times Book Review

“This may sound formulaic, the stuff of bad women's magazines, but in author Tessa Hadley's hands it's anything but.” —Carolyn See, The Washington Post Book World

“Hadley has written gorgeous contradictions and harmonious and inharmonious interactions into a warm novel that follows the contours of four generations of a family and, in the end, shows us ourselves.” —Gretchen Gurujal, Associated Press

“Complex, intelligent...expertly captures the texture of daily existence and the struggle of three memorable women to make their way in the world.” —Publishers Weekly


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Tessa Hadley

TESSA HADLEY teaches literature and creative writing at Bath Spa University College. Her first novel, Accidents in the Home, which was excerpted in The New Yorker, was longlisted for The Guardian's First Book Award. She lives in Cardiff, Wales.

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Tessa Hadley

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