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The Dark Side of the Global Economy

William Brittain-Catlin



An unknown realm to many investors, offshore finance allows giant corporations--such as Wal-Mart, British Petroleum, and Citigroup--to legally keep huge profits out of sight of regulators and the public.

William Brittain-Catlin tells the story of how tax havens in the Caribbean and elsewhere have become central to global finance today. He takes us through the secret networks of Enron and Parmalat, behind international trade disputes, and into organized crime and terror. This book gives disquieting evidence that, as a result of offshore practices, the key value of capitalism and civilization alike--freedom--is being put in grave danger.

1. Our Offshore World
Happy does the sailor return to the bright streams
From far off islands, where he has reaped—
I too would like to return to my homeland again.
Oh, how I have woefully reaped.
Your lovely shores, which have...

Praise for Offshore

“Cogent, graceful, and persuasive.” —Kai Maristed, Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Brittain-Catlin shows real narrative skill.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Fabulously researched . . . His exposé of shady corporate-accounting techniques is so spot-on it will probably make readers furious. . . . A clear primer for anyone interested in how offshore banking works. . . . Ample advice that we need tax reform now.” —John Freeman, Time Out New York

“A glimpse inside the secretive world of offshore banking [that] ought to raise hackles among those who wonder why the world belongs to the wealthy.” —Kirkus Reviews

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William Brittain-Catlin

William Brittain-Catlin has worked as a BBC producer and as an investigator for the corporate investigations firm Kroll Associates. He lives in London.

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