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Mirrors of the Unseen

Mirrors of the Unseen

Journeys in Iran

Jason Elliot



Filling a long-neglected gap in the travel writing of the region, Jason Elliot's Mirrors of the Unseen is a rare and timely portrait of the nation descended from the world's earliest superpower: Iran. Animated by the same spirit of exploration as its acclaimed predecessor, An Unexpected Light, and drawing on several years of independent travel and research, this thought-provoking work weaves together observations of life in contemporary Iran with history, politics, and a penetrating enquiry into the secrets of Islamic art. Generously illustrated with the author's own sketches and photographs, Mirrors of the Unseen is a rich, sensitive, and vivid account of a country and its culture.

Praise for Mirrors of the Unseen

“A penetrating account of a series of journeys to Iran. . . . Jason Elliot is a travel writer of the old school: untethered to an itinerary, eager to be led astray, and as ardent an observer of the experience of traveling as of his destination.” —The New Yorker

“An important look at the forces at play in a region starting to dominate the Middle East.” —The Star-Ledger (Newark)

“Armchair travelers will enjoy moving with Elliot through both fabled cities and remote corners of Iran.” —The Christian Science Monitor

“A work of profound thought, imagination, passion, and ambition. It should be widely read.” —The Guardian (U.K.)

“Whatever stereotypes we may have crumble in the wake of Elliot's encounters with ordinary Iranians. . . . Mirrors of the Unseen takes us into a very different Iran, and the journey is fabulous. . . . Elliot writes like an angel.” —The Providence Journal

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Jason Elliot

Jason Elliot lives in London. He is the bestselling author of An Unexpected Light: Travels in Afghanistan and Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran.


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