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A Novel

Richard Price



Trade Paperback

Eighteen-year-old Stony De Coco has to make a choice: either join his father in the tightly knit world of New York's construction unions or take off and find his own path. But Stony's family is not about to make that choice easy. As he tries to protect his little brother, Albert, from their dangerously unbalanced mother, and to postpone the difficult adult responsibilities that await him, he finds hope in a job working with children at a hospital--a job that promises not to make anyone happy but Stony.

Richard Price's Bloodbrothers is a soulful and often profane story of working-class life in the Bronx, and one young man's bruising initiation into adulthood.

Praise for Bloodbrothers

“Exuberant, vigorous, tough . . . dramatizes so well the awful power of family.” —The Atlantic Monthly

“Richard Price is the greatest writer of dialogue, living or dead, this country has ever produced.” —Dennis Lehane

“For all of its surface violence, blunt language and brute realism, Bloodbrothers is a most subtle book. A sharp portrait of coming-of-age, in sorrow and in strength.” —The Washington Post Book World

“Cannot be forgotten by anyone who reads it, and it is not to be missed.” —Chicago Tribune

“The action is so psychologically 'true' that reading about these Co-op City brawlers is like being only an uppercut away from them.” —The New York Times

“Few contemporary writers have a clearer eye than Price or so effortlessly capture the nuances of speech and movement peculiar to urban man.” —Chicago Sun-Times


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