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The Age of Autism

The Age of Autism

Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic

Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill; Foreword by David Kirby

St. Martin's Griffin


Much of the public discussion about autism has missed the point about the possible causes. To solve this question, two writers began digging into the history of other degenerative neurological disorders. Their research led them to discover incredible and previously unacknowledged links between a strain of syphilis which left suffers raving mad, the spike in incidence of schizophrenia during the Industrial Revolution, and the hidden commonalities between the parents of the first children diagnosed with autism in the 1930s.

The Age of Autism connects these dots to form a startling new thesis: behind each of these disorders – and many more – was exposure to mercury, the most toxic non-radioactive substance known to man.

Praise for The Age of Autism

“A devastating account... autistic children are the canaries in the coal mine.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Anyone concerned with environmental health owes it to themselves to read this book.” —David Kirby, author of Evidence of Harm

“Make sure your doctor sees a copy of this timely book” —Dierdre Imus

Reviews from Goodreads

Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill; Foreword by David Kirby

DAN OLMSTED is an award-winning journalist and MARK BLAXILL is the author of several scientific papers challenging mainstream research on autism. Together they manage the blog Age of Autism.

Dan Olmsted

St. Martin's Griffin

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