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Do Unto Otters

A Book About Manners

Author: Laurie Keller; illustrations by Laurie Keller

Do Unto Otters

Do Unto Otters


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Join Mr. Rabbit in exploring the Golden Rule: Do unto Otters as you would have Otters do unto you!
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"Do not do to others that which would anger you if others did it to you."—Socrates (the Greek philosopher), circa 470-399 B.C.

Mr. Rabbit's new neighbors are Otters.
But he doesn't know anything about otters. Will they get along? Will they be friends?
Just treat otters the same way you'd like them to treat you, advises Mr. Owl.

In her smart, playful style Laurie Keller highlights how to be a good friend and neighbor—simply follow the Golden Rule! This title has Common Core connections.

Do Unto Otters is a 2008 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

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“Keller serves up sound, friendly advice for maintaining a peaceable kingdom.” —Publishers Weekly

“Each page bursts with colorful illustrations and is scattered with words of different sizes and fonts. This simple story is certain to appeal to children.” —School Library Journal

“While kids may well have encountered the Golden Rule elsewhere, this explanation and elaboration nicely unifies what might otherwise seem like a dreary list of manners. This lively book is anything but.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Do Unto Otters

Do Unto Otters