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Danger in the Dark

A Houdini & Nate Mystery

Houdini and Nate Mysteries (Volume 1)

Author: Tom Lalicki

Danger in the Dark

Danger in the Dark


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Nate has a deadly mystery to solve in his very own house, and Harry Houdini is going to help him solve it.

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Harry Houdini - the world's greatest escape artist - is in need of a new hat. That is what brings him to Bennett & Son, Gentlemen's Hatters of Fifth Avenue, where young Nathaniel G. Makeworthy Fuller is working for the summer. A surprising friendship develops between the world-famous daredevil and the boy clerk, and it comes in the nick of time. A suspicious stranger has recently wheedled his way into the confidences of Nate's wealthy great-aunt, with whom the boy and his widowed mother live. Now their house is filled with spooky late-night gatherings, the purpose of which is kept secret from Nate. Houdini is just the man to tackle this tangled mystery - and help Nate and his family escape the grasp of an interloper more cunning and dangerous than Nate could have imagined.

A truly captivating historical adventure, Danger in the Dark launches the Houdini & Nate Mystery series with fast-paced plotting and a colorful blend of fact and fiction.

Danger in the Dark is a 2007 Bank Street - Best Children's Book of the Year.

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Danger in the Dark is good summer reading. It will also entertain in fall, winter, and spring.” —Sid Fleischman, author of The Whipping Boy

“Readers will delight in the many references to Houdini's magic, and to New York in 1911. Pair this one with Gary Blackwood's Second Sight (2005) and look for sequels.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Lalicki not only includes lots of information about Houdini, but also brings the period to life.” —School Library Journal

“The action is nonstop. Lalicki puts his extensive knowledge of Houdini into creating an engaging, credible character that pairs well with likeable Nate.” —Booklist

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Danger in the Dark

Danger in the Dark